Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Credit Card Cloning

this happened recently in our local town. Be Careful or be clever

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Best Way To Not Get Caught

This video demonstrates perfectly an important element to thievery.  The idea behind this video is that if this guy is very obvious, people wont think hes trying to get away with anything.  He makes it obvious that hes trying to cut a bike lose.  People watching would think well if he was actually stealing that bike he wouldnt be so obvious.

Now apply this to other things.  Imagine if you were in a store and someone next to you was folding up clothes in stacking them in their arms and walked right out of the store. you might not think he even stole them, or maybe he worked there. why would he have not tried to hide the fact that he stole them.  he certainly didnt look suspicious.  But if he was looking around every 2 seconds and kinda looked nervous stuffing merchandise under his shirt, he would look like a thief.  Im not saying dont try to cover yourself, just keep in mind that a lot of times the best disguise is no disguise at all.  I know that if I was going to steal something in front of a lot of people who might rat me out, I would pretend to not be stealing whatever it was. lol check it out

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Get Into the Movies for Free!

Movie tickets are just ridiculously priced, and the food and drinks are set so high that a night out at the movies can run you clost to 20 bucks a person. What the fuck! 10 dollar ticket, 5 dollar drink, 5 dollar popcorn, and 4 bucks for a small box of chocolate fucks.  Well it may seem a little amatuer, but what if you could just sneak in everytime and avoid all that stupid shit? I will outline a few tricks that I've used over the past few years to get into the movies absolutely free every time, and never get caught.

Method 1 - The Emergency Exit: This is the first method I tried, but it requires two people. Say for example you and a bunch of friends all go see the new Twilight movie on a friday night, but youre shit broke.  You say, "hey guys, wanna sneak in like badasses" but of course theres always one or two people too afraid to do so.  Well heres what you have them do. When they purchase their ticket and walk inside, watch from outside to see what side of the theatre they go to.  Now go on the outside of the theatre on the same side that they walked.  From the side of the building you can usually see about 3-4 exit doors. Watch these doors.  Tell your friend to go down to the bottom of the theatre where the exit doors are by the screen.  He/she will then casually open the door and poker their head outside, maybe even stand out there and keep the door open with their foot.  Have them pretend to be on the phone or something common and unsuspicious.  At this point, they can either call you and tell you that theyre out there, or you will see them do this.  Simple walk over, and walk in through the opened exit door.  No body cares if you do this. But just be safe, look out for employees that might be in the theatre checking on shit.

Method 2 - The Side Hallway Door:  This way, in my opinion, is the easiest way.  Like the theatre exit door routine, this one also requires two people.  Most theatres I've been in have these long hallways that run all the way to the end of the building where two double doors seperate the outside from the inside.  They are not hard to find, and usually no employees are this far down the building.  So this time, simple wait outside of these double doors and have your friend open them up for you to enter.  These doors are almost always past the point where you have to give someone youre ticket, so no one will stop you and harass you.

Method 3 - On the Phone...Asshole!: This method is one that you can do on your own, but it takes a little bit of guts and acting.  So here is what you do, take out your cell phone and maybe pretend to be looking for someone. Look pissed! Look as though you really arent having a good time and dont want to be fucked with because youre on the phone.  At this point you can walk right past the people taking the tickets, but do it like you just want to get by to do something important.  They will see you are on a mission and arent looking to free load, so they wont bother rudely stopping you to tell you a ticket is necessary to pass that point.  There you go, you got by them and now you can watch your movie for free.

I use these methods every time I go to the movies, even if its a date.  I dont want any girls thinking that I have money and shit.

Good Luck!


Also for movie talk, real talk,  and cool ways to fuck with people, check out this here feller


Thursday, September 23, 2010

How to Hack Other People's Facebook

 Tired of seeing that stupid popular girl on Facebook posting here stupid popular status updates?  Do you hate all the people who 'like' her statuses because they want her approval and eventually to have sex with her?  do you wish you knew how to hack into people's facebook accounts?

Well now you can! As simple as 1, 2, 3! All you need to do is follow a few simple steps and you will have complete control over that stuck up persons social life! 

How Do I do it? Well be patient and read over these steps! You don't need to be a computer hacker to figure this one out, but you would be surprised how easy it is to overlook this trick!

1. So, you found your target? That girl who never replies to your Facebook IM's or returns a comment on your wall posts. what a bitch. You have your victim, and now you want to click on the "Info" tab here:

2. That was easy enough! Now, in the info section, simply scroll down until you get to the bottom where her contact information is available for anyone to take. NOW TAKE IT! If you see two email addresses like this, the top one is one you want. Like So:

 3.Now that you have their email address, you will want to go to the appropriate website corresponding to the address (@yahoo, go to yahoo.com. @aol, go to aol.com)
In this case, we have an address at aol.com, so go to the website, and click on the mail section:
Once you get to the screen where one would enter their email and password, click "forgot password" down below. Should look something like this:

4. Its so simple so far is it not? Well then lets continue shall we, from the forgot password screen you may be required to fill in the email address or username, as well as a image verification to make sure you are a real troll, rather than a virtual one. So enter in the the required information and then click "Next"

5. OH NO!!! I knew it couldn't be this easy… a security question.  Fuck, it requires information that only they would know, and no one else could ever easily find out.
What do? you might ask. Well, lets see, where is the biggest source of personal information that one can find publicly displayed.. Oh right FACEBOOK!  And this brings us to step six.

6. This specific security question that our innocent victim picked, just happened to be "What is your favorite film?". LOL, well lets find out real quick.  Go back to Facebook, and then once again click on the "Info" tab.  In their interest section, you will find a category entitled movies. Obviously, for this question I will want to go here. 

and OH MY FUCK look what we have… movies.  Number one on the list is "The Breakfast Club" .  So, this is what I will try as the answer to the security question. Once you have a reasonable guess, click "Next":
************It is important to take not a few things before we continue.

1. Not all security questions will be this simple, though many times they are still very commonly found things

                2. You may have to do some investigation and ask around, maybe ask friends of hers if they know the answer (BE SURE NOT TO MAKE IT OBVIOUS WHY YOU WANT THIS INFO)
                3. Not all mail servers will only ask one security question. Yahoo for example asks two. keep these things in mind.

7. EXCELLENCE!!! YOU ARE INSIDE OF HER EMAIL!!! Before you continue, be sure to check her mail for any personal stuff. Check her sent and see if she sent out any n00dz. don't be gay, you deserve it. 

So, Now that you have access to her email, you will once again go back to Facebook.

8.You know the drill by now, at the sign in page, click forgot password:

9. Once again, fill in the appropriate information. Basically, they will send a password reset to the email that you have just gain access to. so here we go.

10. Alright, so a password request email has just been sent. Next logical step is to check back in the mailbox to await its arrival:

11. Now that you have clicked the link sent from Facebook to your email, you will be prompted to change their password to a new one like so:
click on "reset my password"

Now reset the password to whatever you wish.

12.And just like magic, YOU ARE IN! have fun, explore, change their status, IM people and say dirty things, message her parents and admit to being a lesbian/faggot, put up pictures of her n00dz that you found in her email, and if you didn't find any, just put up pictures of animal porn as her default.  This is a time for fun and celebration. GO NUTS

Watch, as their internet social life comes crashing down right in front of your eyes.  That'll teach that bitch/asshole  to ignore/fuck-with you.

have fund kids, and use responsibly



Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What You Will Find In This Blog

In this blog, I will be posting methods of cheating systems, games, people and  I will be posting methods of stealing things whether they be difficult or easy. You will find some hacks and and stories and examples of these things. If you are an honest person, I would recommend that you only read. If you are a badass though, you can try some of these things. Look forward!